BSZ Technical Ceramics

BSZ Technical Ceramics porcelains are an expression of Made in Italy excellence and arise from the harmonious encounter between craftsmanship, technological innovation, attention to detail and materials of the highest quality. Our production capacity is able to ensure constant availability of products in stock.

Since 2001, BSZ Technical Ceramics has been making products for funeral art in the finest porcelain.

BSZ porcelain funeral articles company

We create exclusive shaped plates, customizable in any shape and size, taking care of their realization from the initial design to production with high precision numerical control machines. A unique process of its kind aimed at satisfying each specific customer request.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies and the expertise of our operators, we make reliefs on porcelain plates entirely customized according to the customer’s needs. A refined detail to make your images more exclusive.

Plaques, parchments, frames, books and cinerary urns customizable in shape and size thanks to a unique and exclusive process.


The encounter between craftsmanship, modern technologies and selected raw materials, gives life to porcelain products with excellent quality standards.


Thanks to continuous research, stylistic and technical ideation, BSZ Technical Ceramics designs and manufactures products with unique and exclusive design.


Being artisans in the porcelain industry gives us the privilege of being able to customize our products according to the customer's needs.

Made in Italy

Products of unquestionable quality and precision made entirely in Italy.

Why the porcelain?

A material that lasts over time, which resists the weather and does not absorb water. Funerary art needs resistance and relevance from the aesthetic point of view, two values that only porcelain can guarantee, both in the classic plates and in the more complex and personalized works.
Our values

The BSZ Technical Ceramics method.

BSZ Technical Cheramic craftsmen and quality


Many processes of our work are now industrialized, but we still retain an exquisitely handcrafted side. The finishing of the most elaborate products, such as books and parchments of all sizes, is done manually by our expert collaborators. A touch of mastery that allows us to raise quality and to create soft and elegant shapes.

BSZ ceramic innovation


BSZ Technical Ceramics is constantly looking for cutting-edge techniques to offer a service that is increasingly tailored to the customer. Product customization plays an important part in this process: with the CNC machine we are able to obtain precious details from porcelain, making our creations unique.

BSZ ceramic quality control

360 ° control

From the finest porcelain that ends up in the molds to the firing of the finished product, BSZ Technical Ceramics is able to follow all stages of production. Quality control before packaging is a phase we particularly care about: attention must always be very high. This allows us to offer the photoceramist the guarantee of maximum dimensional stability for each of our porcelain products.

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