BSZ Technical ceramics

Porcelain innovation

cutting edges technologies

for the best offer on the market


Maximum dimensional stability guarantee for each of our porcelain products.


Continuity in the products in stock and timely recovery times.


Care for the creation of customized designs based on customer needs.



Made in Italy: provide products of unquestionable quality and precision

  • 3500 square meters of covered production area
  • 800.000 pcs annual production capacity
  • Abiding products availability
  • Worldwide shipping

Our production capacity is able to ensure delivery in a short time and with a guarantee of quality and continuity. Each piece made for headstones, cinerary urns, accessories for big panels, is checked and subjected to strict manufacturing controls to give to our clients the absolute guarantee of products with constant characteristics

Engravings, customizations on porcelain, creation of scrolls, books and pots are some of the creations that the Company in the province of Verona makes by continuously searching for new solutions with increasingly performing and innovative features.

Products such as PLANA and PLAQUES WITH GOLD / PLATINUM STRIPES are proposals which BSZ can give to its clients to stand out and mark the difference, thanks to the ease of processing the porcelain and the technical stability of the products.

The Customizations are the result of a great deal of research in interpreting the needs of the marble fabricators and the photoceramists who rely on BSZ Techincal Ceramics.

  • Constant production guaranteed
  • Customized solutions
  • Immediate assistance for any supply

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