Plana Funerary Plaque 1mm

The thinnest Plaque for Tombstones

PLANA Funerary Plaques are unique plaques made with a special material coated with glossy glaze, which permits to obtain high quality pictures. Processing methods, firing cycles and temperature ( 870/890°C) are the same as standard porcelain plaques.

PLANA extra-slim thickness of only 1 mm allows an easy installation on any surfaces without the necessity of additional diggings.

PLANA is available in the following shapes and sizes


• 7 cm x 9 cm
• 8 cm x 10 cm
• 9 cm x 12 cm
• 11 cm x 15 cm
• 13 cm x 18 cm


• 6 cm x 8 cm
• 7 cm x 9 cm
• 8 cm x 10 cm
• 9 cm x 12 cm
• 1 1 cm x 15 cm
• 13 cm x 18 cm


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