New catalog available: concrete help for photoceramists

The new catalog 2021 of BSZ Technical Ceramics is now available. A project that required months of careful preparation, but which contains all the passion for our work.

A useful tool to showcase our products and a valid and complete support for photoceramists that interface with the requests of the end customer, even the most complex ones.

What can you find in our new catalog?

200 pages full of products : plaques, books on the wall, books on the ground, scrolls on the wall, scrolls on the ground, plaques, crystals, urns, decals and marbling, accessories, with many new features, details and different solutions according to the needs .

The new price list in preview.

Together with the new catalog, you can immediately receive the product list with all the new processes, which will be available on the market starting next July 1st!

Discover our new finishes: bush-hammered and chiseled

Bush-hammered and chiseled are two refined techniques with which we are able to personalize our products.

They are absolute novelties in our sector, created to enhance the funeral art product from an aesthetic and tactile point of view. These processes are an exclusive of BSZ Technical Ceramics, beware of imitations!

Why choose our products?

BSZ Technical Ceramics porcelains are an expression of Made in Italy excellence and arise from the harmonious encounter between craftsmanship, technological innovation, attention to detail and materials of the highest quality.

These values allow us to guarantee increasingly cutting-edge products and a tailor-made service of the customer.

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