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Steel Plates with
made-in-Italy quality.

shiny, slim.

The best solutions for photoceramics and funeral art.

Steel plates with BSZ white enamel are long-lasting and maintain a superior photo rendering, thanks to the unique formula developed by our lab technicians.

BSZ Technical Ceramics is constantly looking for new solutions to make its products more and more efficient, to facilitate the work of photoceramics with which it cooperates.

Popular products

They are particularly suitable for the most exposed environments, particularly sought after by some markets in particular, such as the United States;

Care and precision

Each item is made with care and precision to meet the requirements of the photoceramic world;

Certified products

Our steels are processed with certified raw materials and quality control is always very rigid.
Quality and craftsmanship.

BSZ Technical Ceramics has been making products for funeral art since 2001.

Our products are born from the harmonious encounter of craftsmanship, technology, attention to detail and materials of the highest quality.


Our production capacity is able to ensure constant availability of products in stock.


BSZ Technical Ceramics is constantly searching for cutting-edge techniques in order to offer an increasingly customer-tailored service.

Made in Italy

Products of undeniable quality and precision manufactured entirely in Italy.

Different steel solutions for every application.

BSZ steel plates are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes: oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped.
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What our customers say:


BSZ specializes in the production of porcelain plaques for the funeral art market.


Reference point in the sector

BSZ Technical Ceramics is now a point of reference at the level world for the production of porcelain products for the funeral art market. Market demands, however, push us to have a broader vision, without borders: BSZ Technical Ceramics is ready to grasp the a thousand opportunities that come from all over the world.

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BSZ Technical Ceramics is constantly looking for new solutions to make its porcelain products more and more performing.

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